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Latest book: Out on Top. A collection of Upbeat Short Stories

Now available worldwide

New story in Harvests of New Millenium 2018

New story, Darkness and Light in

Treachery and Triumph: Anthology of WWII stories

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Steve interviewed on Talk Radio Europe about

Controversial new novel "Playing Havoc"

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       Just GOOGLE the reviews of “In All Probability” + “Steve Morris”

       AZsacra International award Dec 2011

Read the best review yet of Jumble Tales

in The Short Review

Steve Morris

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       Jumble Tales

       Jumble Tales was Book of the Month for January 2011, (Country and Border Life magazine)

       Video trailer for “In All Probability”




What the Press had to say about “In All Probability”:

        “the themes of destiny, chance and kismet are fascinating ones…” (Country and Border Life)

        "succinct, imaginative style..."

        "array of often elaborate situations..."

        "perfect for a quick read on a coffee break.."

        "something to entertain even the most ardent of critics” (MMU Success magazine Autumn 2009)

        “readers will be beguiled by Morris’s version of an everyday world where probabilities turn out to be different from the ones expected”  (The Short Review Nov 2009)

        An interestingly diverse collection"

        "A succinct precise style"(The Truth About Books July 09)





ISBN 9781905809431







"The themes of destiny, chance and kismet are fascinating ones with the scope for weaving truly memorable tales which stay with you long after they end….The author has an eclectic imagination and a talent for adding just enough description to make the ideas plausible."
Country & Border Life Magazine Book Club




FLOW- Forces Literary Organisation Worldwide


Steve is VERY proud to announce that his short story "Just One Big Game" was chosen by panel members of Forces Literary Organisation Worldwide as one of their stories of 2009. It was included in their book “Stories of the Poppies” with proceeds going to the FLOW charity;

Jumble Tales - A collection of short stories

In all Probability - A collection of short stories

Playing Havoc


Steve was also one of the new writers with a story in the launch issue of "First Edition" magazine.



Steve Morris Bibliography

Stories included in:

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Anthology “Terror, Tinsel and Turkey ” Pub Pneuma Springs ISBN 978-1782283577

Anthology “ Treachery and Triumph ” Pub Pneuma Springs ISBN 978-1782283959

Short stories in All issues of “ Taj Mahal Review ” from Dec 2007 to Dec 2018 (Cyberwit, India) ISSN 0972-6004

Anthology “ Harvests of New Millennium Vol 11 No 1 2018 ” Pub Cyberwit.net ISSN 0974-0023

Complete books by Steve Morris

“In All Probability: short stories ”Pub Pneuma Springs, UK ISBN 9781905809431

“Jumble Tales” Pub Pneuma Springs, UK ISBN 1907728015

“Playing Havoc” Pub PS Thriller, UK ISBN 9781907728433

“Out on Top: A collection of Upbeat Short Stories ” Pub Pneuma Springs ISBN 978-1782283324









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